About Us

ParcareOnline.ro mainly offers information on parking services available on the street, in open fenced spaces and in underground or above-ground covered spaces.

On the other hand, the ParcareOnline.ro application can also provide you with information in the Eco Trafic area about electric car filling stations, bicycle rental or car sharing (in the Sharing section) or help you identify a vulcanization or car wash. in the area of ​​your choice.

Parcareonline.ro aims, on the one hand, to easily find a parking lot at or near the target, and on the other hand, it aims to streamline traffic in the city by identifying parking lots in the vicinity of subway stations or other important means of public transport and with which users can reach any corner of the city.

The application offers you the closest parking lot to the objective but also the route to follow from the starting point to the respective parking lot of your choice. If you do not have space available at that parking lot, the application will give you the route to the next parking space in the area.

The precious time and petrol saved but also the substantial reduction of air pollution due to this service is the best motivation for drivers to use this application.

ParcareOnline.ro is a dynamic application in which the validity of registered parking spaces and related information is monitored daily, new parking spaces are searched, new sharing stations are identified (plug, car, bike, etc.), vulcanizers or laundries auto.

Users who create an account will be able to benefit, in real time, through a simple notification, of new information from the ParcareOnline.ro application.

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