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Overcrowded traffic in Bucharest and most major cities in the country is no longer just a problem, but a critical situation we face every day. And not only the large volume of cars for our road infrastructure is the problem, but also the lack of parking spaces.

However, parking lots are being built, albeit at a slow pace by local authorities. Good luck, but with private companies that build car parks dedicated to or attached to a commercial space / complex. Because there is no sustained pace of development in this sector, parking lots are harder to find if you do not know them and go targeted, and other navigation platforms do not have information about them.

Also, drivers find it just as difficult, when needed, a vulcanization, car service, electric car filling station, etc. But just as important is knowing where to go or calling if your car has been picked up for illegal parking. Parking Online is a mobile application that helps you navigate to a parking lot or to any other objective needed as a driver, in the area you want to reach.

The application is free and easily accessible. Either, it directly displays your parking lots, services, laundries or any other similar object of interest near where you are. Or you can search specifically: enter an address, area or objective and you will receive on a map the parking lots or any other objectives of interest as a driver, in that area.

Parking Online is your traffic partner!

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