Attention, the lifting of the cars has started!


You have 30 days to recover it.
If, within the specified period of 30 days, the owner does not claim his vehicle, it automatically passes into the private property of the municipality. Which cars will be picked up exactly and what taxes you have to pay if you want to get it back.
The City Hall of Sector 5 informed, on Tuesday, that the lifting of abandoned and unidentified cars from the streets has started.
According to a statement from the local authority, sent to Agerpres, so far, 335 abandoned cars have been identified, and eight of them will be picked up on Tuesday.
Many of these cars pose a "real danger" to human health after they become garbage dumps, the statement said.
The seized cars and the goods inside them will be inventoried, appraised, picked up, transported and stored by the General Directorate of Local Police Sector 5 in the special space arranged in the Cooperative Road no. 75B.
The City Hall of Sector 5 emphasizes that only abandoned cars and those declared ownerless that are the object of Law no. 421/2002 are seized, not those parked illegally.
The owner or legal holder can claim the vehicle within 30 days from the date of the public announcement, after the full payment of taxes / fees and expenses incurred during the collection, transport and storage. If the vehicle is not claimed, it will be transferred to the private property of the municipality, by order of the mayor of Sector 5.

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