RCA policy legislation is changing!


Drivers will be able to go directly to the companies where they insured themselves in order to recover damages.

The Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) has announced new changes to the CAR legislation. According to them, people will soon be able to go directly to the companies where they bought an MTPL insurance policy in order to obtain damages.

The measure would be beneficial, according to the authorities, because it helps to simplify the procedure to go through, but for now it does not know the exact date when it will enter into force.

How would the whole procedure take place?

Changing the legislation would allow people in difficult situations to go directly to companies where they have MTPL insurance, to claim damages directly, as opposed to the way things are happening now.
Drivers will be able to opt for a direct insurance, through which their damages will be settled in the shortest possible time. This proposal comes from the FSA and is to be submitted to Parliament for debate. The representatives of the institution consider that it is important to work more on the causes, so as to facilitate the Romanians' access to the damages due to them.

Source: https://www.capital.ro/legislatia-privind-politele-rca-se-schimba-soferii-vor-putea-merge-direct-la-firmele-unde-unde-s-au-asigurat-in-vederea- recovery-damages p.html
Author: Gabriel Zamfirescu

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